7 Reasons Why you Should I Get a Second Opinion for Your Teeth

If you’re wondering if you should seek a second opinion for your dental treatment, then you probably should. Most people are happy to gain a second opinion when it comes to their medical health but aren’t so sure for dental issues.

But many dentistry procedures are irreversible so it’s important you make the right decision. You don’t want to be left disappointed with the result as it may be for life, or you must pay for more treatment to improve the result.

Why you May Need a Second Opinion

There’s a wide range of very valid reasons why people gain a second opinion for dental treatment.

#1 Lack of Confidence in the Provider

Some dentists provide more than general dentistry services. A patient may visit their dentist for an examination, scale and clean and walk out with a quote for a complex treatment that is often performed by a specialist. Friends and family may advise them to have the treatment completed by a dental specialist who has more experience in that type of treatment than a general dentist.

#2 A Second Quote

There’s no denying that complex dental treatment can be expensive. Getting a second opinion means you’re also getting a second quote from another specialist who may offer the treatment for a reduced price.

#3 Recommendation

Talking to friends and family is a great way to gain recommendations from a trusted source. Your network may have had similar treatment and were very happy with the specialist they used. It makes sense to gain a second opinion from someone who comes highly recommended. Many of our patients come to us through word of mouth.

#4 Is Treatment Necessary?

It’s understandable to question whether you really need a dental treatment. You may want to avoid spending time in the dental surgery and paying for treatment if it can be avoided altogether or put off until later. So, you might ask another specialist for their opinion on the benefits and potential consequences of not having the treatment. It’s important to know that you’re making the right decision when it comes to your dental health.

#5 Find out if the Treatment Can Be Done Differently

There’s more than one way to complete many dental treatments. A second opinion allows you to gain more information about multiple treatment options. You may prefer the recommended treatment option of one specialist over another.

#6 You Don’t Understand the Recommended Treatment

No one should undertake extensive dental treatment if they don’t completely understand what’s involved. Like every profession, not all dentists and specialists are good communicators. You may not have understood the treatment, or you may have thought of questions you would like answered by someone else. They’re all valid reasons for gaining a second opinion.

#7 Treatment Outcome

For some people, the second opinion comes after the treatment. If they aren’t happy with the aesthetics of a treatment or experiencing pain or an infection, they may seek a professional opinion at a different specialist.

With the information provided during the second opinion, the patient may decide to go back to the first provider for more treatment or have the confidence to the original provider of their dissatisfaction with the outcome and negotiate on further work.

Some people find the time and money invested in a second opinion provides a good return on investment.

Your Right to a Second Opinion

There’s no reason to feel guilty or worried about what your dentist will think. In Australia, patients have the right to request a copy of medical records, diagnosis, and test results at any time. For general and specialist dentists, second opinions are part of the doctrine and professional code so they expect some patients will want to gain more information to allow them to make an informed consent.

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