When Should you Seek a Second Opinion Before Undergoing Dental Treatment?

Getting a second opinion is important for major dental treatment. Most people who are organising a tradesperson to undertake a large project on their house will get two quotes but when it’s medical or dental work for the body, they make the mistake of accepting the first quote and not questioning if it’s the right treatment method for them.

While there is time and expense involved in getting a second opinion, most people will agree it’s worth the investment. A second opinion usually costs a fraction of the overall cost of the treatment and may save you money and deliver a better outcome.

Why it’s Worth Getting a Second Opinion

There are several reasons for considering a second opinion before agreeing to dental treatment.

Multiple Treatment Types

For most dental problems, there’s more than one treatment option. One specialist might recommend one way to treat while another might suggest a different method. The two options can have very different treatment times, prices and outcomes. Technology now allows specialists to show patients what they can expect the treatment to look like if it has a cosmetic benefit.

When your specialist recommends a different treatment option, feel free to ask why they think it’s best and find out what the disadvantages and advantages are of both treatment types. You may prefer one treatment type over another.


Extensive dental treatment can come with a hefty price tag. Dentists and specialists are free to set their own fees unlike medical services covered by Medicare, so costs can vary considerably. The location of the treatment also can determine how much you can claim on your private health insurance. To understand the full cost of treatment, ask for the treatment code you can use to quote to your health insurance provider so you know upfront the cost of treatment.


A second opinion often gives you confidence that you’re making the right decision. If both opinions are similar in treatment and cost, you can have the treatment done knowing two specialists have a similar opinion.

If the opinions are different, it allows you to do more research and ask more questions so you can then make an informed decision on which provider you’ll use.

Making an Informed Decision

Some patients come to Western Prosthodontic Centre for a second opinion because they don’t fully understand the diagnosis or treatment proposal they were provided at another clinic. Our specialist dentists have excellent communication skills and can explain a treatment in language everyone can understand.

You’re able to request a copy of your medical records, diagnosis and test results including dental. It’s part of the doctrine and professional code that dentist and specialists in Australia prescribe to.  So, if you feel your records will help with an informed decision, request a copy.

Dentist Vs Prosthodontist

Many patients start out speaking to their dentist about treatment. The dentist may refer them to a specialist  they know well or they may quote the patient for completing the treatment themselves. If you think it’s unlikely that your dentist is completing this type of treatment regularly, it’s wise to ask a specialist for a second opinion.

Some dental treatments are best completed by specialists who have completed an additional three years of full-time training and treated many patients with similar requirements. A dentist spends much of the week doing routine dental work such as check-ups, scale and cleans, teeth whitening and fillings whereas specialists concentrate on implants and other complex dental work.

A Second Opinion After Treatment

Unfortunately, some patients are forced to gain a second opinion after their treatment because the outcome was unsatisfactory. Some patients come to the Western Prosthodontic Centre because the veneers or implant doesn’t look or function as they expected.

Seeking a professional second opinion can give a patient the confidence to go back to the clinic that performed the original treatment and request that they fix a problem. They may also be looking for a better-qualified specialist to fix a problem caused by poor treatment.

Second Opinions

Obtaining a second opinion gives you the confidence that your dental treatment is being completed by an experienced practitioner at the right price. Everyone has the right to make an informed decision about their dental health. You should understand the risk and benefits of each treatment, the differences in types of treatment and costs.

All of us only have one set of adult teeth and unfortunately a poor outcome of dental treatment can leave you with repercussions that last a lifetime.

If you would like a second opinion for a dental treatment you’re considering, contact us online or call 9321 1632.