Get a Second Opinion on Dental Implants & Veneers

Are you thinking about, or have been told you need dental implants or another dental cosmetic treatment, but want to know if it’s the right treatment for you?

Many or our patients come to Western Prosthodontics for a second opinion after having been told they need certain treatments such as dental implants, which can come at a great cost and may be unnecessary. There may be other options or dental treatments available and Dr Bradley Shepherd has helped many consider those other options saving them money and unnecessary discomfort.

Specialist dentistry can be complex and rarely is there only one choice of treatment available. If you are confused with a diagnosis or a treatment proposal you have had presented and would like a second opinion from a specialist dentist, we are here to provide clarification and alternative treatment options which may suit your circumstances better or give you the confidence to return to your normal provider.

Patients commonly referred to our practice include those with:

  • excessive tooth wear or dental erosion
  • heavily restored or missing teeth
  • high smile line
  • thin gum tissue types
  • reduced tooth support
  • occlusal instability (poor bite)
  • unsatisfactory removable dentures
  • history of high maintenance or failure
  • severe dental trauma
  • high risk patients (high decay rates), salivary dysfunction

With full time daily exposure to the above complexities Dr Bradley Shepherd has a vast bank of knowledge and experience to be able to provide you with a second opinion on your completed treatment which may not be satisfactory to you. We can also help you understand or suggest alternatives to a treatment proposal you may have already received from another provider. Having access to a network of other dental specialists allows us to draw on their experience and knowledge as well when providing you with treatment alternatives.  The Prosthodontist can give you his recommendation but ultimately the choice is yours.

There is no obligation with a second opinion.


Your Right to Informed Choice

In Australia, your ability to access a second opinion is a fundamental right across all of medicine – and you may request a copy of your medical records, diagnosis or test results at any time. As dentists, this is part of our doctrine and professional code.

During treatment, your decisions should be supported by quality dental information, guidance by your dentist, and you should feel your options have been adequately explained at all points of treatment. It is important to form an understanding of the reasons for diagnosis, available treatments, differences in cost, and the relative risk and benefits to each approach. This is known as informed consent.

If you find that you are not given the information to make informed decisions, or you lack confidence in any proposed dental treatment, then a second opinion can be a great way of receiving a wider range of information that can help you make better decisions.

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