Treatment Costs

Before undertaking any form of treatment you will be provided with a detailed quote and item numbers so you will never be charged for any treatment without prior knowledge. This allows for checking with your health fund for potential rebates based on your individual level of cover. Whilst we cannot give you a detailed quote without having performed a Diagnostic Work Up, we can give you general estimates with conditions.

Your medical history and current condition will affect your treatment so selecting a specialist on cost alone is not advisable. Not every case is the same and requires extensive assessment and planning to achieve an optimal functional and cosmetic result.

While a higher fee does not guarantee a better outcome, it would be unwise to compromise the quality of your treatment and experience complications in order to save on costs so it is important to find the right clinician to look after your needs. For this reason, we welcome the opportunity to provide a second opinion with no obligation.


How much does treatment cost?

The treatment fee depends on many factors – not all treatments are the same, some problems are more complex than others and the choice of treatment is influenced by individual biology/pathology, perceived treatment outcome, geographic location and financial considerations. All of this is taken into consideration prior to embarking on any treatment.

How does your cost compare to other providers?

Our fees vary significantly dependent on the type of treatment- In fact many of our treatments are less expensive than many other providers but since generally more complex treatments are referred to our clinic, fees will represent the difficulty and effort.

What is the best health fund to get the maximum rebate back?

We are not really sure as there are so many funds all with differing benefits and qualification conditions and as you are aware, they are constantly changing. It is best to shop on line to see what is best for you and your family.

The increase in the proportion of patients seeking cosmetic and reconstructive treatment has resulted in health funds failing to keep up with the costs of treatment. Over the last 3 decades, there has been a gradual decrease in the relative rebate for prosthodontic treatment (Major Dental). Health funds are constantly changing their rebates and we would suggest that you contact a number of funds to compare their services and support.

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