Why Choose Us

Our aim is to provide the highest quality prosthodontic services available in the market today and deliver exceptional customised results for each and every patient. It is our attention to detail and capacity to develop practical solutions to the most complex dental problems that provides the greatest advantage to you.

There is a common misconception that implant based treatment is superior to retaining natural teeth. It is our opinion that natural teeth should not be discarded for an implant driven plan unless there is strong reason to do so.

We cater our approach differently for every patient so whether you have missing teeth, have difficulty with normal daily oral function or are simply unhappy with your smile we can develop a treatment plan with consideration to your work/life commitments, financial position or time constraints.

The strength of our group lies in our ability to share our knowledge and expertise for even the most challenging problems.  Our prosthodontists can work as a team to pool their knowledge and experience by speaking with each other about a patient’s complex treatment, if required.

If you are confused with a diagnosis or a previous treatment proposal and would like a second opinion, we are here to provide clarification.  More often than not, we can provide alternative treatment options which may better suit your circumstances or give you the confidence to return to your normal provider.