Debunking the Myths of Dental Prosthetics

Like most industries, people make assumptions about dental prosthetics. The industry has undergone major change in recent years due to technological changes. Here we debunk some of the myths and provide you with the facts.

Myth #1 – Prosthetics are Unreliable

With proper aftercare, dental prosthetics can look attractive for a long life. Lifestyle factors play a large part in the reliability of prosthetics. Smoking can lead to poor oral health which can cause implants to fail and discolouration of all types of prosthetics. Twice daily brushing and flossing can reduce the risk of prosthetics failing. Mouthwash can also help reduce bacteria building up around prosthetics.

Basic oral hygiene and acting on the advice of your prosthodontist or dentist can increase the reliability of your prosthetics.

Myth #2 – Prosthetics Aren’t Attractive

While nothing beats perfect natural teeth, prosthetics have come a long way in looking more natural than they did just a few decades ago. In the past, many dentures looked too big and unnatural for people’s mouths. Quality dentures can be made to look similar to a patient’s teeth when they were a young adult.

For those people who need one or two implants, they can be made in a shape and shade of colour to match the surrounding teeth, making it difficult to tell that the tooth isn’t natural.

Myth #3 – Your Dentist Can Do Any Prosthetics Treatment

Some general dentists provide prosthetic services. But many dental prosthetic cases are complex and invasive and should be completed by a specialist. Very few dentists have the experience of a prosthodontist. A dentist spends most of their day checking and repairing teeth and may do some prosthetic work while prosthodontists only do prosthetic work. No dentists have completed the three years of full-time university study needed to qualify as a specialist.

Myth #4 – Prosthodontic Treatment is Too Expensive for the Average Person

It’s true that some prosthodontic treatment is expensive and out of the price range of many but there are treatment options that are affordable. A simple prosthetic treatment can make a major cosmetic difference and improvement to a person’s confidence level.

Myth #5 Only Natural Teeth Require Care and Maintenance

All teeth, whether natural or manufactured, require oral maintenance. If you have dental implants, they’re likely to last longer if you maintain them daily with good oral hygiene habits and see your dentist regularly. Without brushing and flossing daily, the gums around implants can develop a build-up of bacteria and even infection. If the infection impacts the bone tissue that holds the implant in place, you risk losing the implant.

Even people with a full set of dentures need to be careful of their oral health. Your tongue and gums collect bacteria so it’s important that you clean your mouth daily as you would if you had natural teeth.

Myth #6 You Can Be Too Old for Implants

You don’t need to be young to have dental implants. The bone heals around dental implants in all ages including patients in their 90s. Your choice of dental prosthetics doesn’t need to be based on your age. If you’re generally healthy, your prosthodontist should be able to offer one or more prosthetic options.

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