Why You Should Replace That Tooth

It’s common to lose the odd adult tooth. Many people feel it’s a normal part of getting older.

Some act straight away to replace the tooth while others aren’t bothered by the appearance of the missing tooth and assume that because they have plenty of other teeth it won’t impact on function that much.

But there’s plenty of reasons why you should replace a lost tooth.

Loss of Jawbone

When a tooth falls out, the bone that holds the tooth no longer has a job to do so it’s at risk of being resorbed into the body. If too much bone is lost you may have to rule out having a dental implant or it may be necessary to consider bone grafting procedures. Bone resorption can occur within a few months of losing a tooth so it’s important to act quickly to ensure maximum bone retention.

Eating Function

One lost tooth might not seem significant to the function of eating, but it can cause problems with some foods depending on which tooth is lost. If it’s a molar that you have lost, then you may find it’s difficult to eat hard or chewy foods, so you start eliminating them from your diet.

Teeth Cleaning

Losing a tooth doesn’t mean the job of tooth brushing has become easier.

You might find that food is more easily caught in the gap. Food debris can lead to tooth decay and bad breath. The decay can quickly lead to gum infection which can impact on your general health.

Other Teeth Can Move

If it was only the lost tooth that was impacted it wouldn’t be so bad, but your other teeth are at risk. Teeth rely on their surrounding teeth to keep them in line. When a tooth falls out or is extracted, surrounding teeth can migrate to fill the gap. Teeth movement changes the smile and in some instances the shape of the face.

When a tooth from the top arch is lost, the corresponding tooth in the bottom arch can rise higher to fill the gap which can expose the tooth’s roots. The same can occur when a tooth is lost from the bottom arch.

Tooth Replacement Options If you have lost one or more teeth, there are some options for replacing lost teeth.


Dentures are the oldest form of replacement teeth. Made of plastic or metal, denture teeth come in a variety of shapes and colours to look lifelike. Full (complete) dentures replace all of the teeth on both arches while partial dentures mean the patient retains some of their natural teeth. Implant dentures have the fixed stability of dental implants but are made more affordable than full dental implants.

Dental Bridge

While a dental bridge, won’t stop bone loss, it will hold surrounding teeth in place. A bridge is a good alternative when a dental implant isn’t an option, or the patient prefers not to have an implant.

Dental Implant

A dental implant is an artificial tooth made from ceramic porcelain held in place by a titanium screw that is anchored to the jawbone. The tooth, or crown, is made to look like surrounding teeth with a similar size, shape and colour.

If you lose a tooth, be sure to see a specialist to discuss your options. Call us on (08) 9321 1632 or contact us online.