6 Benefits of Veneers

You may have seen how porcelain veneers enhance the look of a person’s smile, but the benefits extend to more than aesthetics. Find out what veneers can mean for you. 

What are Veneers? 

Veneers are a thin casing of porcelain or composite resin that is bonded to the front of a tooth’s surface to improve the appearance of a natural tooth. Porcelain veneers are used to eliminate a range of problems including stained or dark teeth that cannot be whitened enough, to reshape a tooth and even close the gap between teeth. It is particularly important to provide a detailed projection of the proposed shape and colour before proceeding with treatment. 

Benefit #1 – Ease of Fitting 

Porcelain veneers are a popular choice because they are a relatively easy procedure for patients. There is usually no pain or discomfort and the procedure is fast with limited downtime. A very thin layer of enamel is removed from the front surface of the teeth that are being prepared for veneers. At Western Prosthodontic Centre, we aim to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible to fit the veneer and obtain the best cosmetic and functional result possible. 

Benefit #2 – Durability 

Veneers aren’t built to last forever, but they are strong and durable. With basic care, veneers can last up to 15 years. The non-porous surface means the veneer will resist stains from food and drinks. 

Benefit # 3 – Maintenance 

Veneers don’t take any extra maintenance to keep them looking good and in top condition. It is fine to treat veneers like you do natural teeth. Brush your teeth twice daily, floss and make an appointment to see your dentist every six months to have them professionally cleaned and checked. 

Benefit #4 – No More Whitening 

For many people, a bright white smile is important to them. They’re willing to spend substantial amounts of time and money on whitening treatments either in the dentist’s chair and/or at home. Some people don’t have the time needed to keep their smile bright, so they invest in veneers because they offer a permanent whitening solution. 

For others, it is the limitation of whitening their natural teeth that causes them to consider veneers because they allow them to achieve the colour they are looking for. For teeth that are badly stained, veneers are often the only option for obtaining a white, bright smile. 

Benefit #5 – Natural Look 

The beauty of veneers is they can be customised to exactly how you want. Veneers can be made into the shape, colour, and size you’d like. You may only want veneers on a few teeth so the colour and shape can be designed to blend perfectly with your natural teeth. No one needs to know you have had cosmetic dentistry work done. 

Benefit #6 – Solves Multiple Problems 

Veneers can hide a multitude of dental imperfections. You may not like the shape of one tooth and the colour of another. If it’s the gap between teeth or chipped teeth that concern you, they can all be fixed with veneers. Use veneers to cover your imperfect teeth and achieve the smile you have been dreaming of. 

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