Smile Design Idealisation

As adults we can become very self-conscious about the way we look. It’s human nature to judge ourselves more harshly than others view us. We tend to focus on the small negatives of our appearance.

How we view ourselves can impact our self-esteem which in turn has an impact on our overall satisfaction with life. For some, those faults can consume a large proportion of their thoughts for a long period of time which can impact their mental health in the long term.

Whilst many of the aspect people want to change about themselves either require long term lifestyle changes, or even plastic surgery, our smile is one area which can be dramatically improved in a smaller space of time but have one of the largest impacts on our confidence and self-esteem.

Our Smile Says it All

Our facial expressions are the biggest method of non-verbal communication, with our smile being one of the biggest give-aways to how we can express confidence and happiness in front of others. Smiling with teeth visible is an expression of a person experiencing great happiness and is more sincere than a smile that doesn’t show any teeth.

Those who show teeth when they smile are more likely to release more serotonin than those that don’t. People who aren’t happy with their smile may make efforts to hide their teeth when smiling which reduces their serotonin levels and restricts the sensation of happiness.

Dental Treatments by Life Stage

Teenagers or young adults may be more prone to being self-conscious about their smile, but can become less of an issue in adulthood as a result of common early intervention treatments (e.g. Orthodontics).

For adults though that missed out on this opportunity, smile related self-esteem issues may continue on into adulthood and have an impact on life events such as finding a partner, or job prospects. It’s not uncommon for these events to stimulate the thought process of getting cosmetic dentistry later in life as an adult. This might include consideration for adult orthodontics or other restorative dentistry options.

Cosmetic Dental Options

The cosmetic options available for improving one’s smile as an adult are impacted by our daily commitments and our peers who have gone through similar cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Porcelain veneers are the superior choice as they are longer lasting and have a more natural tooth enamel appearance due to their semi-translucent properties. Because they are so natural looking, porcelain veneers can be the best choice when several teeth are being restored. For areas of more wear, porcelain veneers are also preferable as they are more durable.

Dental implants replace the entire tooth, including the root, for the most lifelike results available in modern dentistry. Because a titanium implant post replaces the tooth’s root and integrates with natural bone, dental implants assist in retaining bone density by preventing resorption, or bone loss, which is common with missing teeth.

Crowns is used to cover or ‘cap’ a damaged tooth and conventional bridges are used if more than one tooth is missing. When multiple teeth are missing there are other options for conventional bridges (supported by teeth) or bridges supported by implants.

Full mouth restoration rebuilds and repairs damaged teeth, jaw, joints and gum tissue. A proper restoration makes reduced sensitivity, improved function, and a comfortable bite possible. In addition to the restoration of teeth, great care is taken to ensure that the teeth come together correctly and the jaw’s joints and muscles function properly.

Dentures are prosthetic devices made of plastic or metal to replace missing teeth; they can replace one tooth, several teeth or a full jaw using well established techniques that have been in use for decades. Millions of people are happy with complete dentures. A natural smile, indistinguishable from the real thing, can be engineered to assure a natural result.

However, it’s not uncommon for a combination of orthodontic and restorative dentistry to be required from different specialists.

So, whilst a friend or peer might suggest “just get veneers like I did” in order for you to avoid another treatment required, your dental specialist should emphasise that each patient’s treatment plan is unique to achieving the patient’s own perfect smile. A good dental specialist will put forward a plan that also ensures long lasting dental health benefits being just as crucial as how the smile looks after your treatment.

Get a Second Opinion

At Western Prosthodontics, we follow an ethical and honest approach to dentistry. If we feel a particular treatment option is not right for you, we will advise you and refer you to other dental specialists we know and trust.

Many of our patients have come to us for a second opinion on the treatment options their dentist has recommended. If you’re wondering if you should seek a second opinion for your dental treatment, then you probably should.

Most people are happy to gain a second opinion when it comes to their medical health but aren’t so sure for dental issues.

For general and specialist dentists, second opinions are part of the doctrine and professional code, so they expect some patients will want to gain more information to allow them to make an informed decision.

For more information on our treatments using porcelain veneers click here, or for more information on all our treatments for cosmetic dentistry click here. If you have any queries about mouth restorations, prosthodontics or require a second opinion, call us on (08) 9321 1632 or book an appointment.