What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments have grown in popularity in recent years with more people wanting to feel confident when they talk and smile. Cosmetic dentistry are treatments designed to improve the aesthetics of teeth and smiles.

Also known as smile design, cosmetic dentistry is used to fix crowded, discoloured, chipped, damaged, gappy, misshapen or worn teeth. There’s a range of services available to improve the appearance of these dental concerns. 

In determining the best course of treatment, your specialist will consider your age, lifestyle, face shape, time frame and budget to achieve your desired look.


Bonding refers to a tooth-coloured resin applied to a tooth and hardened using a light. Bonding can repair chipped or cracked teeth, close a gap, fill teeth or even change their shape.  

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular treatment for making smiles look whiter and brighter. Whitening is effective against teeth discolouration caused by the natural ageing process and staining caused by red wine, coffee and smoking. Dentists can use preparations that include whitening agents that can whiten quicker and more reliably than at-home treatments.   


Silver amalgam fillings were standard years ago. As these fillings wear, chip and crack patients often choose to replace all of their old fillings with more natural, tooth-coloured composite fillings. Some also choose to replace their silver fillings because of health concerns and the aesthetic benefits.


A permanent bridge can replace one or more missing teeth. The bridge has artificial teeth attached and kept in place using crowns on the teeth that sit either side of a gap. We may use a cantilever bridge if there are teeth on only one side of the space. 


We can greatly improve the appearance of damaged or missing teeth with a dental implant. A titanium replacement root fixed to the jawbone supports a permanent or removable tooth (or teeth). We make the artificial tooth to look, feel and function like a real tooth. 


Veneers are a permanent cosmetic option. The thin, porcelain or composite resin casings bond to the front surface of the teeth. Veneers can hide the natural tooth’s shape, colour and position. You can request one veneer to cover an injured tooth or multiple veneers to transform the look of one or both arches. Veneers are used to cover teeth that are crooked, chipped, grey from injury or yellowed from age. Today’s veneers are so thin and have semi-translucent properties that they look very natural and can last for 15 to 20 years.  

FAQs on Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Are there any concerns with teeth whitening?

The bleaching agent used to whiten teeth can cause a mild burn similar to sunburn if it touches the gums. We cover the gums with a protective gel or rubber shield to ensure the agent stays on the teeth and not the gums. You may experience some mild tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening, but this doesn’t last long.

Are cosmetic dentistry treatments covered by health insurance if it’s for aesthetics?

It depends on your health insurer and the level of cover you have, but most health insurance funds cover cosmetic dentistry treatments. It’s best to check with your health fund to find out how much you can claim on your treatment before you begin. We can give you a quote and the item numbers you need to provide your health insurer.

Will you need to shave down my teeth for veneers?

You may have seen some photos online of patients having their teeth severely filed before veneers. This may be necessary for people wanting to fix their crooked teeth, but not all teeth require filing before veneers. However, the surface of the tooth needs preparation work so that the veneer will bond and stay in place for many years so consider veneers to be a permanent treatment.  

What are the options if I’m missing one or more teeth?

If you want to fill a space, you can choose between a dental implant, a bridge or dentures. Your prosthodontist can give you the pros and cons of each treatment method and advise the best treatment option for you.  

The Experts in Cosmetic Dentistry 

A comprehensive smile design consultation with our prosthodontist is the first step to communicate your concerns and expectations and to understand all your options. We aim to achieve a virtually undetectable restoration. You can see what your final smile will look like before treatment begins to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the outcome. 

For more information on our treatments using porcelain veneers click here, or for more information on all our treatments for cosmetic dentistry click here. If you have any queries about mouth restorations, prosthodontics or require a second opinion, call us on (08) 9321 1632 or book an appointment.