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We understand that there are many questions new or existing patients want to ask as part of the prosthodontic treatments. Whether you are a current patient, or thinking about cosmetic or reconstructive dentistry, we are here to help and provide health advice on your path to a great smile.

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Connection Between Your Mood & Your Smile

It’s long been known that there is a connection between your physical health and your mental health. For example, going to the gym releases endorphins, which can make you feel better and happier. On the other end of the scale, if your body isn’t feeling well, or you are under the weather, your mood can…

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Receding Gums & Dentures: Should I be Worried?

We have long understood that with age comes gum recession. To put it more bluntly, we are talking about people getting ‘long in the tooth.’ Where the gum pulls away from the tooth, making the tooth appear longer. However, this can actually happen at any age, regardless of how thorough you are with your dental…

How Your Prosthodontist Will Determine Your Treatment 

Seeing a specialist about your smile is exciting but also daunting. There are many treatment options to discuss with your prosthodontist and you might be aware of some of them, or maybe you don’t know about any. Either way, a patient will usually focus on the desired outcome, but it’s the job of the prosthodontist…

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Mistakes You Might be Making When Brushing Your Teeth 

No matter what dental specialist you see for any treatment, your own oral care when at home is key—at the basic level that is how to clean your teeth.  A regular cleaning routine is vital for your overall dental health. Your teeth are constantly exposed to acids and bacteria that can contribute to decay. To…

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Do You Have Soft Teeth? 

Many people who think they have “soft teeth” actually have teeth that are less likely to hold up to everyday wear and tear even with a good oral hygiene routine. Those who believe they may suffer from such a condition are more likely to have regular dental appointments as a result of tooth sensitivity, cavities,…

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Your Smile & Your Well-being

Smiling, it’s good for you! There are many reasons to smile as it provides many benefits to your health and well-being. However, there are some lifestyle choices that can be extremely harmful to our oral health. In this article, we will look at the positives of smiling on your well-being and the negative lifestyle choices…

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Dental Veneers: Maintaining a Lasting Smile

Sometimes referred to as ‘instant orthodontics’, veneers can achieve a rapid cosmetic fix compared to the time required for conventional orthodontics. The most two common types of veneers are porcelain and composite veneers. Both types can transform your smile. Dental veneers are a thin casing of porcelain or composite resin that is bonded to the…

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What am I being offered? Dental Bridges vs Dental Implants

Are you missing a tooth and have been offered different treatment options? What are Dental Implants? Dental implants replace a missing tooth from above and below the gum line. It is essentially a complete replacement tooth that utilises a small titanium post that is surgically placed into the jawbone. The crown (the actual replacement tooth)…

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Dentistry: Difference between a Specialist & a Special Interest

All specialists are dentists, but not all dentists are specialists. Confused? In fact, most people don’t know the difference between a dentist who has a special interest in an area versus a specialist dentist who has upskilled and qualified in that particular area and is, therefore, allowed to call themselves a specialist. Dentist with a…

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Reflux (GERD) & Dental Erosion

Stomach upsets can affect your dental health by gradually wearing away the protective enamel of your teeth. Known as tooth erosion, the appearance and colour of your teeth can be affected by the increase in acid in your mouth caused by the digestive system. Acid reflux or Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) happens when the upper…

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Dietary Habits & Tooth Decay

Throughout our life, our teeth and gums are exposed to many things that may lead to gum disease or tooth loss. The most common oral diseases are tooth decay and periodontal disease. Good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, in combination with healthy lifestyle choices, will help avoid these two diseases. Did you…

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Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

Discoloured and yellow teeth are not necessarily a sign of a dental issue, but they may be a reason a person chooses not to smile openly. Improving the colour of your smile can be done using over-the-counter products or seeing a dental specialist for a polish and whitening. To get a white smile, it is…

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Sensitive Teeth: Tips to Put it Behind You

If you have ever bit into hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and felt pain in your teeth, then you may have sensitive teeth. This is the result of the enamel that protects our teeth getting thinner which causes dentin to be exposed. Depending on how much dentin is exposed, the sensitivity can be mild,…

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Keeping Bad Breath at Bay

Bad breath, or halitosis as it is called medically, is a preventable condition that we all want to avoid if possible. Unlike the occasional moment of bad breath from what we just ate, Halitosis is considered bad breath beyond a socially acceptable level that is ongoing and may require a consultation with your dentist. What…

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What Does Science Say About Smiling?

The Benefits of Smiling Smiling Makes You Happy – When we smile the muscles in our jaw contract, firing a signal back to the brain, which stimulates the ‘reward system’. This, in turn, increases our endorphins, otherwise known as the ‘happy hormone.’ So, if you want to feel better and happy, just smile. The feedback…

Do I Have Sleep Apnoea?

Regularly not getting enough sleep can be harmful to your health, but so can snoring. Not only does it affect your partner’s sleep, which might lead to you getting a polite jab to your side, but it could be a sign of something more sinister known as sleep apnoea. So, if you think you are…

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What is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontics isn’t the easiest profession to pronounce, we’ll admit. And many people haven’t heard the term before but most can guess prosthodontists deal with teeth because it ends in ‘dontist’. However, awareness about the work of prosthodontists is growing. 

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How Long Do Cosmetic Dental Treatments Last?

The question of how long will my cosmetic dental treatment last is a regular one that is asked. After all, you’d likely want the end results to endure for a while. Not all cosmetic dental treatments are the same and each treatment will have different lifespans. With that being said, let’s look at the lifespan…

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How Quickly Can I Go Back to Work After Dental Implant Surgery?

One of the best ways to replace a missing tooth is with a dental implant. A common question that gets asked is how long they can expect to be off work after dental implant surgery. When you think of the word “surgery”, you may associate it with a prolonged period off for recovery. However, in…

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Smile Design Idealisation

As adults we can become very self-conscious about the way we look. It’s human nature to judge ourselves more harshly than others view us. We tend to focus on the small negatives of our appearance. How we view ourselves can impact our self-esteem which in turn has an impact on our overall satisfaction with life.…

Am I a Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Given the opportunity, most people want to improve some imperfection about themselves, irrespective of how small it is. For some, that imperfection is their smile and for them improving their smile is a way to improving their self-confidence. Feeling great about your teeth and smile is correlated to feeling happy in your appearance and general…

Gingivitis – What you Need to Know About the Causes and Treatment

Gingivitis – What you Need to Know About the Causes and Treatment

No doubt you’re familiar with the term gingivitis. But do you know what it means for your teeth and gums if you have it?  Find out the causes and treatment options. 

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Veneers or Braces, Prosthodontist or Orthodontist?

Fixing your smile may be motivated by a big event coming up, or a the long-standing wish you can now address as an adult.

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Myth Busting Teeth Filing for Veneers

If you have thought about having veneers, you may have heard that teeth need to be filed (or shaved down) as part of the treatment process. While this may sound scary, the process is anything but. With technical advances in dentistry, prosthodontists can achieve superior results with the lightest of touches. In this article we…

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How You Can Tell You’re Mouth Breathing at Night

If you snore at night, it is likely a family member will tell you. If you breathe through your mouth at night, it’s less likely anyone will notice. But it is worth looking out for the signs that you are breathing through your mouth while you sleep. Mouth breathing can impact your oral and general…

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Receding Gums – What you need to know

Receding gums is a concern for everyone in their later years. It not only has an aesthetic impact on your smile but can have serious implications for your dental health. Some of the causes of receding gums can be avoided but others can’t. Symptoms of Receding Gums The gums either wear away or pull back…

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What to Expect for the First Few Weeks of Dentures

Like most new things in life, dentures take some getting used to. Whether you have full or partial dentures, they aren’t the same as natural teeth. But with some patience and perseverance for a month, you will adapt to the new normal and so will your mouth. What to Expect with Dentures Here are five…

What are the Stages of Dental Implants?

Dental implants take time to produce and fit. But the reward of natural looking teeth is worth the time and effort. Find out what goes into having dental implants. Stage #1 Scans and X-rays Your prosthodontist will need to know a little about what’s under the gum line. The only way to find out is…

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Do you Need a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

You may have heard of a full mouth restoration and wondered if you’re a candidate. There’s several prosthodontic procedures that can be used on their own or in combination to restore your smile to how it was. Some people choose to use a combination of procedures to completely makeover their smile and function. What is…

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How to Tell Your Dentures Need Adjusting

If you’ve been wearing dentures for a few years, you have either had them adjusted or thought about it at some point. There are a few reasons why your dentures might need an adjustment. Find out when you should see your prosthodontist about a check-up or adjustment. #1 Pressure Sores on Gums Just because your…

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 6 Benefits of Veneers

You may have seen how porcelain veneers enhance the look of a person’s smile, but the benefits extend to more than aesthetics. Find out what veneers can mean for you.  What are Veneers?  Veneers are a thin casing of porcelain or composite resin that is bonded to the front of a tooth’s surface to improve…

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Gum Disease: The Threat to your Dental Implant

Gum disease is a concern for everyone but none more so than people with dental implants. Unhealthy gums can threaten the viability of dental implants. The prospect of losing your dental implants is a scary one but the good news is, serious gum disease is preventable.  What Causes Gum Disease?  Gum or periodontal disease begins…

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Dental Implants – Leave Them to a Specialist

There are probably multiple providers of dental implants in your local area. Some dentists and specialists promote dental implants as one of their services, but it doesn’t mean you should use them before doing a little homework.  Qualifications and Experience  A prosthodontist is a specialist in complex dental and facial issues including the replacement of…

Which Type of Denture is Right for Me?

You may not realise that there’s more than one type of denture to choose from. The denture that most suits one person may be different for the next person. Here we explain the different types of dentures and how you can make the right decision.  All types of dentures and dental prosthetics have their advantages…

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Why You Should Replace That Tooth

It’s common to lose the odd adult tooth. Many people feel it’s a normal part of getting older. Some act straight away to replace the tooth while others aren’t bothered by the appearance of the missing tooth and assume that because they have plenty of other teeth it won’t impact on function that much. But…

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Seven Ways to Make your Teeth Whiter

No one wants yellow teeth. Stained teeth can reduce self-confidence and can make person look older as it’s a common sign of aging.  It is possible to prevent and rectify yellowed teeth.    #1 Reduce Consumption of Staining Foods and Drinks Prevention is better than cure as the saying goes. There are foods and drinks that…

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Debunking the Myths of Dental Prosthetics

Like most industries, people make assumptions about dental prosthetics. The industry has undergone major change in recent years due to technological changes. Here we debunk some of the myths and provide you with the facts. Myth #1 – Prosthetics are Unreliable With proper aftercare, dental prosthetics can look attractive for a long life. Lifestyle factors…

What is AHPRA and How Can it Help You Find a Specialist Dental Provider?

Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Residents can visit a doctor or dentist and be confident that they are being seen by a person who has suitable qualifications and training to practise. Part of that is the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme which began in 2010 which ensures all practitioners…

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Are General Dentists Specialists in Prosthodontics?

The dentistry field can be a little confusing to anyone who doesn’t work in the field. But with a little knowledge, a patient can understand the different registrations in the dentistry field and then make an informed decision about who will treat them. How Do You Know if a Dentist is General or Specialist? A…

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How to Choose a Prosthodontist

Choosing the right specialist is an important decision and a prosthodontist is no different. Prosthodontists specialise in restorative dentistry including crowns, bridges, veneers, and implants. The appearance and function of a prosthodontist’s work will have an impact on the rest of a patient’s life. So, it’s important to choose the right prosthodontist to achieve the…

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TMJ Disorder – How a Prosthodontist can Provide Relief?

If you’ve suffered from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), you’ll know how disruptive it can be to daily life. Some sufferers can spend months trying to find a solution with their general dentist or GP, but a visit to a specialist prosthodontist can provide a much faster solution to the problem.  What is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)?…

When Should you Seek a Second Opinion Before Undergoing Dental Treatment?

When Should you Seek a Second Opinion Before Undergoing Dental Treatment?

Getting a second opinion is important for major dental treatment. Most people who are organising a tradesperson to undertake a large project on their house will get two quotes but when it’s medical or dental work for the body, they make the mistake of accepting the first quote and not questioning if it’s the right…

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How You Benefit From Our In-House Technician

Not many prosthodontists in Australia can say they have a technician in the same building preparing their patients dental prosthetics. But for us at the Western Prosthodontic Centre, it was important that we invested in the staff and equipment so that our laboratory was in the same building. The Problem with Overseas Labs More dentists…

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The Psychology Behind Our Smile

We all know the power of a smile. When someone smiles at you, it’s instinct to smile back. Smiling has several benefits that aren’t as obvious as a returned smile but can do wonders for your physical and mental health. What Happens When We Smile? Smiling activates neural messaging in the brain that improve your…

Dentist with male patient presenting discussing dental problems x-ray image film in dental office

7 Reasons Why you Should I Get a Second Opinion for Your Teeth

If you’re wondering if you should seek a second opinion for your dental treatment, then you probably should. Most people are happy to gain a second opinion when it comes to their medical health but aren’t so sure for dental issues. But many dentistry procedures are irreversible so it’s important you make the right decision.…

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Prosthodontists are the Planners and Co-ordinators of Care

What many patients don’t realise is their prosthodontist does much more than provide treatment. Prosthodontists are diagnosis and treatment planning experts with restorative dental procedures being an extension of the plan. Complex cases require a co-ordinated and holistic approach that may involve several dental or medical specialists. The best person for the co-ordination of care…

Dentist prosthetist simulates a human jaw on the monitor for the manufacture of prostheses

Should I Use a Dental Prosthetist or a Prosthodontist?

Are you familiar with the job titles prosthetist and prosthodontist? You soon will if you’re in need of treatment to fix damaged or missing teeth. Find out the difference between a prosthetist and prosthodontist so you know who to visit for assessment and treatment. 

Waist up image of a young man with a missing tooth. He is sitting on a set of steps

Why Implants Aren’t the Only Answer to Missing or Damaged Teeth

Many adults are told by their dentist that their tooth (or teeth) can’t be saved, and an implant is their best option. They may come to see us for a second opinion, and we’ll disagree. While we believe implants are an excellent option, we think they should be used as a last option when a tooth can’t be saved.

Prosthodontists and oral surgeons are both specialist dentists but not everyone understands the differences between these specialist groups.

What is the Difference Between a Prosthodontist and an Oral Surgeon?

Prosthodontists and oral surgeons are both specialist dentists but not everyone understands the differences between these specialist groups. What is a Prosthodontist? A prosthodontist focuses on repairing damaged teeth and replacing missing teeth to restore oral function and facial aesthetics. Prosthodontists use a range of cosmetic dental procedures and appliances to achieve the desired look…

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What Happens to Our Teeth as We Age?

No one likes growing old. The mind isn’t as sharp as it once was and the body wears out. Not surprising, our teeth are no different. They’ve had to work hard every day. They’ve been used to bite and chew food, made it possible for us to speak and played a part in maintaining our…

Dentist discussing with laying patient showing the image of his teeth on the screen

What’s the Difference Between Cosmetic Dentistry and General Dentistry?

We all know what a general dentist does. You’ve probably been seeing a dentist since you were a child for check-ups, x-rays, and the odd filling. But you may not be as familiar with cosmetic dentistry as it’s relatively new. Advances in technology have made it possible to greatly enhance the appearance of a smile.   …

dentist prosthodontist showing dental bridge implant technology on human tooth jaw model

Are Dental Bridges Still Relevant Today?

Many patients say they have heard little about bridges in the last ten years. Some tell us their parent had one, and they assumed bridges are no longer fitted. While there are other alternatives to dental bridges that weren’t always available, we have not relegated dental bridges to the history books. A bridge is still…

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Do I Need a Full Mouth Restoration?

When you look in the mirror and all you see is problem teeth, you might think a full mouth restoration is in order. Restoring teeth can involve whitening, straightening and reshaping teeth. Some treatment methods involve working with the natural teeth, but many use a foreign material to gain the best result. What is a…

Prosthodontist matching tone of veneers to patient

Composite Veneers Vs Porcelain Veneers – Which One is Better?

Veneers are ideal for covering up imperfect teeth that are chipped, crooked, broken, stained, misshapen or have gaps in between. Veneers are suitable for a single tooth or up to 10 teeth on each arch.

Man holding a glass containing old dentures.

Dentures – Everything you Need to Know

False teeth and dentures have been around for decades, but they’ve been transformed over the years. Technicians now make dentures that look more like natural teeth and fit more comfortably. However, investing in dentures is still a big decision that needs researching.

Smiling senior woman with new dental implants sitting in the dental office and looking at the mirror

Dental Implants Vs Dentures – Which is Best?

The debate about whether dental implants are better than dentures has been going for years. It’s the old option versus the new. Some people are staunchly in the dental implant camp, while others won’t consider anything but dentures. Read the pros and cons of each alternative.

Doctor dentist showing patient's teeth on X-ray

5 Questions to Ask Before Deciding on a Practice for your Dental Implants

We make decisions every day on where to spend our hard earned money on the products and services we consume. You might give little thought to where you buy your groceries or fill up the car, but for more expensive purchases like dental implants you’re likely to spend more time on your decision.

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Why You Should Replace a Missing Tooth

Our teeth are some of the hardest working parts of our body. We use them multiple times per day to bite, tear and chew our food. But we’re living longer than ever before, and some people’s teeth wear out before the rest of their body.

Cheerful patient sitting in a dental chair and holding a mirror while smiling at the camera

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dental treatments may be needed as we age or suffer an injury, to restore our natural smile and prevent future oral health problems.  Restorative dentistry is the term used for replacing and repairing missing or damaged teeth to revive normal function and appearance. Restorative dentistry uses a range of services including fillings, crowns, bonding, onlays, inlays and…

smiling blonde woman of 40 years having had cosmetic dentistry

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments have grown in popularity in recent years with more people wanting to feel confident when they talk and smile.

How Maintain your Dental Implants

How to Maintain your Dental Implants

It’s a common question amongst people considering a dental implant. They want an implant because it’s the most lifelike result for a missing tooth but don’t want to add complex maintenance to their daily routine. The good news is dental implants aren’t high maintenance. Some simple care is all it takes for an implant to…

photograph of a dentist examining an X-ray focus on X-ray

How Safe are Dental X-Rays?

More than ever, people are conscious of potential dangers they expose their bodies to. Radiation is one of the biggest concerns and people often question how much radiation is delivered during dental X-rays. X-Rays and computed tomography (CT) scans work by ionising radiation or high energy wavelengths penetrating the body to reveal organs, tissue and…

What are the Components of an Ideal Smile?

What are the Components of an Ideal Smile?

Like it or not, others judge us on our looks and our smile is an enormous part of how we look. We all use a person’s smile as non-verbal communication cues when we first meet. It takes just a tenth of a second for a stranger to read your smile and make an assumption of…

Prosthodontist and patient discussion about planned teeth treatment in dental clinic office

Choosing a Prosthodontist vs Dentist for Cosmetic Dentistry

So you’re considering your options for cosmetic dentistry. There are plenty of decisions to make including the desired outcome, the work you’ll have and where you’ll have it done. Deciding on who will do your procedures could well determine the look you’ll have for a lifetime. Few decisions in your life are so important. What…

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